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includes variant spellings - Brazil, Brazzel, Brazel, etc.
Welcome to the user created lists for the surname BRAZZIL. These lists have been created by the members of the BRAZZIL-L and BRAZZIL-D mailing lists. If you would like to contribute an item, please follow the directions on the individual pages.
I do NOT guarantee the validity of any of this information; it is meant only to help you in locating the information you need.
On pages that have alphabetical information I have sorted all the surname variants by FIRST names to take the emphasis off the spelling of the surname. Dates are format MM/DD/YYYY or MM/YYYY. In cases where I have found records to be in disagreement, I have used the following procedure: If the last name is spelled differently, it follows the other name immediately "Cowan (Cowen)". In cases where the name is completely different, I found them all to be female - probably previously married. If I know which name is maiden or married, I have put "(married Reed)" or "(nee Reed)". If there is no "married" or "nee", I don't know which is which.
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There are probably others that I missed
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I have a list of spelling variations here, along with search information. Don't forget that many Brazzils (any spelling) can trace their roots back to the Braswells (Pronounced Bras-ul).
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