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Marriage Records H-Z
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ALLISON, Catherine A. m Lawrence H Heffernan (or Hefferman) 16 Sep 1880 at Morrow Co, OH
ALWARD, Winona m. Daniel H. Heffron 4/16/1924 in Maine, both of Pittsfield
ANHEUSER, Julia m. John Heffernan abt. 1904 in Nebraska
ARMSTRONG, Alva S. m. Mary Heffron 10/1/1889 in Cook Co, IL
AHERN, Daniel m. Anna Heffron 2/7/1875 in Cook Co, IL
BAKER, Turpin A. m. Margaret E Heffernan 1/11/1860 in Rhode Island
BAILEY, Annie B m. Thomas L Heffernan 4/7/1915 in Rhode Island
BAILEY, Thomas m. Winnefred Hefferin 6/16/1861 in La Salle Co, IL
BARKER, Sadie E. m. George W. Heffner 3/5/1885 in McDonough Co, IL
BARKMEIER, Martine m. Sarah Heffern 10/24/1898 in Iroquois Co, IL
BARRETT, Jennie m. Patrick Heffron 5/7/1883 in Cook Co, IL
BARRY, Ellinor m. John Heffernan 1796 Diocese of Cork & Ross, County Cork, Ireland
BATRON, Ruth A. m. James W. Heffron 3/2/1938 in Maine, both of Lubec
BEADLES, Harrison O. m. Lizzie M. Heffner 2/19/1897 in Fulton Co, IL
BEAGAN, Anna J m. James H Heffernan 6/24/1903 in Rhode Island
BEATIE, Robert m. Eliza Heffern 5/12/1860 in Will Co, IL
BEAULIEU, Edward m. Mary F Hefferon 11/24/1938 at St Mary's RC Church, Lawrence, MA
BELIKAN, Frank m. Elizabeth Heffner 9/8/1892 in Cook Co, IL
BERKELEY, Lucy Nelson m. Rev Henry Heffernan 9/18/1800 in Middlesex Co, VA
BLAKE, Catherine m. John Heffner 3/3/1892 in Hancock, Co, IL
BOUTAUGER, Joseph N. m. Elizabeth H. Heffner 12/24/1895 in Hancock Co, IL
BROWN (Reed), Bernice L.  of Bath, ME m. Cornelius J. Heffernan of Glendale, NY 4/20/1942 in Maine
BRUSLANE, Catherine m. Jeremiah Heffernan 8/11/1848 Lawrence, MA
BURKE, Elizabeth m. James Heffernan 1797 Diocese of Cork & Ross, County Cork, Ireland
BURNS, Charles W m. Bridget Heffernan 6/1/1899 in Rhode Island
BURNS, Mary E m. Timothy Heffernan 10/27/1880 in Rhode Island
BURT, Shanda Lynn [Doering] m. Patrick Lawrence Heffernan 4/30/2005, Bullhead City, AZ
BURTON, James Y. of Portland, ME m. Annie J. Heffenan of Somerville, ME 12/6/1915 in Maine
CALLAGHAN, Dennis m. Johanna Heffernan 1823 Diocese of Cork & Ross, County Cork, Ireland
CALLAHAN, Ellen m. Cornelius Heffren 6/30/1880 in Cook Co, IL
CAMPBELL, John A. m. Adaline Heffner 5/10/1855 in McLean Co, IL
CANNON, Mary m. John Hefferson 5/3/1879 in Cook Co, IL
CARBANNEAU, Joseph C. m. Elizabeth Hefferman 4/11/1898 in Maine, both of Bath
CARLIN, Lizzie m. Addison Heffner 12/25/1875 in McDonough Co, IL
CARNEY, Ellen m. Patrick Heffernan 5//1872 in Rhode Island
CASAD, Charles L. m. Mrs. Carrie J. Heffie 9/15/1890 in Cook Co, IL
CAVANAUGH, John m. Allice Hefferson 6/25/1888 in Cook Co, IL
CAVENDAR, Susie m. Albert Heffner 6/9/1902 in Boise, Ada Co, ID
CHALIFOUX, Alceme J. m. Annie M. Heffron 6/14/1892 in Cook Co, IL
CHAPIN, Wells M. m. Mary Heffernan 11/20/1867 in McLean Co, IL
CHILDS, Mary J. m. Edward F. Heffron 9/27/1899 in Maine, both of Eastport
CISMAN, Jennie m. W. T. Hefferman 1/10/1883 in Fulton Co, IL
CLANCEY, Margaret m. Robert Heffernan 4/28/1875 in Cook Co, IL
CLANCY, Mary A m. Daniel W Heffernan 1/4/1891 in Rhode Island
CLAPP, Mary M. m. Charles W. Heffner 4/18/1860 in Edgar Co, IL
CLARK, George E. of Charlotte m. Winonica H. Hefferon of Princeton, ME 11/14/1928 in Maine
CLARK, Perry M. m. Maggie M. Heffern 6/11/1896 in Fulton Co, IL
CLARKE, Agnes M. m. Thomas Hefferman 9/20/1901 in Maine, both of Boston, MA
COFFEY, Margaret m. William Heffaran 1/13/1863 in La Salle Co, IL
COLEMAN, John m. Alice Hefferon 11/15/1863 in La Salle Co, IL
COLLINS, Margaret m. William Heffernan 2/6/1861 in Tipperary Parish, Co Tipperary, Ireland, witness Kate Burke, priest J Howley
CONLEY, Margaret A m. Thomas H Heffernan 10/26/1920 in Rhode Island
CONNELLY, Bridget T m. John E Heffernan 11/23/1904 in Rhode Island
CONNELLY, Caroline m. Patrick Heffernan 8/22/1880 in Rhode Island
CONNER, Nellie m. Barney Heffren 8/7/1884 in Cook Co, IL
CONNORS, Hannah m. Jerry Hefferman 3/1/1881 in Cook Co, IL
CONNORS, Mary m. Thomas H. Heffernan 8/26/1877 in Cook, Co, IL
COSGROVE, Mary A. of Lowell, MA m. Alfred A. Heffernan of Haverhill, MA 12/3/1939 in Maine
COWAN (Cowen), James  m. Mrs. Rosanna Hefferman 7/11/1866 in Carroll Co, IL
COX, John W. m. Kate Heffernan 2/14/1877 in Grundy Co, IL
CREED, Sarah m. Dennis Heffernan 1771 Diocese of Cork & Ross, County Cork, Ireland
CROCKER, Ulvie L. m. Sarah Heffron 6/1/1873 in Morgan Co, IL
CRUISE, Margaret m. James Heffemar 7/28/1868 in Macoupin Co, IL
CULLINAN, Joseph m. Mary Mullin (nee Heffernan) 6/30/1897 in St. Agatha Parish, Philadelphia, PA <vclaskowski@msn.com>
CULLUM, George m. Catharine M. Heffner 1/20/1863 in Gallatin Co, IL
CUSACK, Patrick m. Ann Heffernen 10/18/1891 in Cook Co, IL
DAVIS, Daniel m. Bridget Heffernan 9/27/1884 in Cook Co, IL
DAVIS, Mary M m. Frank A Heffernan 6/24/1918 in Rhode Island
DEARHAM, James m. Margaret Heffrin 4/7/1885 in Cook Co, IL
DEEBLE, George m. Bridget Heffernan 1783 Diocese of Cork & Ross, County Cork, Ireland
DEETS, John L. m. Margie Heffelman 12/13/1882 in Whiteside Co, IL
DEMING, John Harrison m. Martha Hefferan 10/20/1887 in Park City, Summit Co, UT
DENEE, Fred m. Catherine heffernan abt. 1899 in Nebraska
DENO, Mary Alice m. Dennis Heffron 1/7/1869 in McHenry Co, IL
DERNAWAY, William J. m. Mamie Hefferen 11/19/1889 in Cook Co, IL
DETRITZL, Andrew m. Aursaule Heffern 6/19/1888 in Will Co, IL
DICKERSON, Ralph E. m. Frances M. Hefferman 1924 in Livingston Co, MI
DITJA, Conrad m. Albertina Heffner 2/18/1890 in Cook Co, IL
DOERING, Shanda Lynn Burt m. Patrick Lawrence Heffernan 4/30/2005, Bullhead City, AZ
DONAHUE, Ann m. William Hefferan 12/27/1861 in Winnebago Co, IL
DONBAR, Harrison m. Margaret Heffran 8/16/1843 in Texas
DONOVAN, Barbara m. Thomas Heffernan 1789 Diocese of Cork & Ross, County Cork, Ireland
DONOVAN, Catherine m. Timothy Heffernan 7/30/1877 in Rhode Island
DONOVAN, Jerry H. m. Mary Heffron 2/13/1888 in Cook Co, IL
DORAN, Margaret m. Edward Hefferman 4/8/1891 in Sangamon Co, IL
DOUGHERTY, Margaret m. Edmund Heffernan 9/27/1874 in Rhode Island
DOWDLE, William m. Jane Hefferon 11/13/1852 in Cass Co, IL
DOWLING, Isaac m. Jemima Heffner 6/10/1865 in Edgar Co, IL
DOYLE, James m. Anna Heffernan 1888 in Livingston Co, MI
DRISCOLL, Mary m. John Heffernan 9/1/1872 in Cook Co, IL
DUCEY, Thomas H. m. Mary Heffern 8/20/1889 in Christian Co, IL
DUFFY, Patrick J m. Mary E Heffernan 5/8/1916 in Rhode Island
DUGGAN, William m. Margaret Heffernan 3/1/1840 County Tipperary, Ireland
DUNN, Stephen May m. Annie Heffernan 8/14/1865 at Yoakum, Lavaca Co, TX <CMoore6141@aol.com>
DUNN, Ellen m. Pierce Hefferman 7/5/1870 in Morgan Co, IL
DURIGAN, Mary m. Patrick Heffernan 10/10/1885 in Rhode Island
DWYER, John m. Catherine Heffernan 10/2/1894 in Rhode Island
EDWARDS, William J m. Julia C Heffernan 10/30/1906 in Rhode Island
ELLISON, Katheryn Elsie m. Martin Wilson Heffner 9/23/1933 in Hamilton Co, Ohio <FDOHFL@aol.com>
ESTY (Gifford), Ruth of Old Orchard Beach, ME m. Francis E. Hefferman of N. Kennebunkport, ME 4/8/1933 in Maine
FALVEY, Mary m. James Heffernan 10/5/1871 in Rhode Island <oneillbrady@home.com>
FANNING, Maria F C m. John L Heffernan 6/15/1903 in Rhode Island
FARRALL, Lawrence m. Ellen Heffernan 2/26/1855 in McLean Co, IL
FEENEY, William m. Catherine heffernan 8/25/1908 in Rhode Island
FIELDS, Clyde m. Elizabeth Heffernan abt. 1900 in Nebraska
FITZGERALD, Daniel m. Mary Hefferon 11/04/1888 in Cook Co, IL
FITZGERALD, Josephine m. Thomas H. Heffernan 11/29/1893 in Cook Co, IL
FLANNERY, Nellie m. Frank B. Heffner 6/30/1890 in Cass Co, IL
FLANNIGAN, John C m. Margaret Heffernan 5/25/1903 in Rhode Island
FLEMING, John m. Ellen Heffernan 4/20/1856 in Rhode Island
FLEMING, Roy F. m. Ethel M. Hefferman 8/8/1927 in Maine, both of Somerville
FLESHER, Elizabeth m. Peter Heffner 3/27/1834 in McLean Co, IL
FLETCHER, Josiah H. m. Mary D. Heffner 7/4/1853 in McLean Co, IL
FLOOD, Helen A. m. William B. Heffernan 1/19/1918 in Maine, both of Biddeford
FLOYD, Mrs. Matilda Hester m. Phillip Heffner 10/2/1895 in White Co, IL
FLYNN, William m. Mary Heffernan 8/31/1865 in Rhode Island
FORD (Roberts), Alice M. of Waterboro, ME m. William H. Hefferman of Sanford, ME 2/26/1928  in Maine
FOWLER, Mary m. James Hefferman 2/1/1895 in Ford Co, IL
FRICK, Joseph m. Ellen Heffron 2/3/1875 in Macon Co, IL
GALAGHER, John m. Ellen Heffron 10/11/1885 in Cook Co, IL
GALLAGHER, Jennie m. Robert B. Hefferan 4/24/1878 in Boone Co, IL
GALLAGHER, Rosana m. Joseph Heffernan 11/19/1820 in South Carolina
GAVIN, Thomas m. Mary Heffesrin 12/6/1855 in Winnebago Co, IL
GAVITT, Kate m. Richard Heffernan 7/6/1871 in Logan Co, IL
GEORGE, Augustus m. Sarah A. Heffner 6/6/1878 in Gallatin Co, IL
GIBBONS, Bridget m. Michael Hefferman 4/8/1866 in Mason Co, IL
GIFFORD (Esty), Ruth of Old Orchard Beach, ME m. Francis E. Hefferman of N. Kennebunkport, ME 4/8/1933 in Maine
GLAVIN, William m. Joanna Heffernan 11/1/1882 in Rhode Island
GLEASON, Francis m. Ellen Heffernan (Hefferm) 9/14/1856 in Adams Co, IL
GLEESON, Bridget m. John Heffernan 5/25/1868 at Tullaroan Parish Church in Co. Kilkenney, Ireland <vclaskowski@msn.com>
GODFREY, John m. Maggie Heffernan 11/30/1893 in Cook Co, IL
GOODRICH, Irene E. m. Vaughn M. Heffren 6/11/1946 in Maine
GORMLEY, John H m. Mary I Heffernan 4/30/1907 in Rhode Island
GRADY, Anastacia m. John Hefferman 6/19/1892 in Cook Co, IL
GRAFF, Henry B. m. Mary Heffern 11/8/1878 in Cook Co, IL
GRAHAM, James Henry m. Ida heffner 11/30/1898 in Edgar Co, IL
GRANT, Catherine m. Patrick J Heffernan 1/8/1902 in Rhode Island
GRISWOLD, Nellie Grace m. Arthur Heffron 10/11/1888 in Cook Co, IL
GROVE, Mathew m. Catharine Heffner 10/4/1855 in Fulton Co, IL
GUILFOYLE, Katie m. James W. Heffrenan 2/3/1883 in Cook Co, IL

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