Milam County Genealogy Lists
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Head of Family Birth-Death Contributor
Alford, Hurst Justice 1852-1902 Rose Marie ALFORD Shelton
Alford, John Reddin 1815-1895 Rose Marie ALFORD Shelton
Anderson, John C. 1832-1893 Gina Heffernan
Aycock, Bryant Ferguson 1829-1861 Lynn McKerral
Barker, Charles Henry abt. 1865-???? Stephen Purcell
Berka, Frank John 1874-???? Cindy Murray
Bollinger/Ballinger, Peter 1791-1879 Kathie Dillard Schwend
Byars, Henry Clay 1869-1957 Kathie Dillard Schwend
Campbell, David Chambers 1848-1927 Rebecca Walston Forbes
Carter, Elbert 1837-1936 Dalina Stevens
Carter, Jackson Alexander abt. 1805-abt.1879 Dalina Stevens
Cone, William O. 1846-1919 Lynn McKerral
Connell, William 1816-1882 Gina Heffernan
Cooper, Abraham D. 1817-1900 Lynn McKerral
Dallas, Alexander James 1820-1889 Gina Heffernan
Duncan, George Jehodia 1810-1893 Jeannine Wright
Favers, Thomas Lane 1860-1933 Gina Heffernan
Galbreath, David Russell 1918-2002 David Ray Galbreath
Glass, Charles Henry 1901-1980 Gina Heffernan
Griffin, Benton Adrian 1836-1885 Lisa Griffin
Gustin, Charles Frederick 1917-1984 Sissy Barnes-Alderson
Hasty, Benjamin Franklin 1838-1891 Michele H. Mills
Hodges, Dave ?-? Michele H. Mills
Holder, William albert 1886-1952 Gina Heffernan
Holt, George a. abt. 1836-1864 Lou Shugart Ryan
House, John Wesley 1873-1958 Michele H. Mills
House, Joseph Darius 1833-1902 Michele H. Mills
Jackson, Christopher Columbus abt. 1840-1869 Lou Shugart Ryan
Jackson, William H 1850-1905 Rebecca Walston Forbes
Jackson, William Wesley 1823-1901 Rebecca Walston Forbes
Jones, Joseph P. 1798-1838 James David Walker
Letcher, John David 1851-? Michele H. Mills
Litle, William Tom 1853-1915 Gina Heffernan
Livingston, John Samuel 1808-1869 Kathie Dillard Schwend
Lockett, Joseph Louis 1845-1922 Sharon Atkins Lockett 
Magill, John Henry 1845-1919 Kathie Dillard Schwend
Magill, William B. 1819-1892 Kathie Dillard Schwend
Martin, Robert B. 1825-1882 Kathie Dillard Schwend
Martin, Thomas 1824-1892 Kathie Dillard Schwend
Mathis, Randolph A 1829-1912 C Keith Mathis Jr
Mayer, Henry Frederick 1854-aft. 1900 S. Shepperd 
Nabors, Allen J. abt 1820-1866 Billie Haas
Nabours, James Oliphant 1853-1934 Michele H. Mills
Nabours, Jeremiah O 1810-1876 Michele H. Mills
Nabours, Robert Alexander 1856-1927 Michele H. Mills
Nabours, William Ashford 1839-1922 Michele H. Mills
Offield, John Powers 1841-1910 Annette Shaw
Oglesby, Sabert abt. 1833-???? Lou Shugart Ryan
Reinders, Andrew John 1888-1959 Vanessa Burzynski
Reynolds, Thomas Martin 1890-1968 Esther Viebrock
Rice, James Armstead 1868-1935 James David Walker
Rice, William Henry 1828-1903 James David Walker
Robison, Benjamin Wesley 1839-1929 Barbara Tynes Claiborne 
Rogers, Armstead 1816-1894 James David Walker
Rogers, James Bennett 1808-1864 Dalina Stevens
Rogers, William Washington 1828-1868 Michele H. Mills
Seelke, Carl Christian Theodor 1843-1909 Vanessa Burzynski
Sefick, Frank 1853-???? Cindy Murray
Seidl, August 1860-1907 Vanessa Burzynski
Seidl, John W 1885-1962 Vanessa Burzynski
Sellers, Jim abt 1865-???? Barbara Bullard
Senn, Cecil Doyle abt. 1900-1945 Gina Heffernan
Senn, Frederick Doyle 1875-1930 Gina Heffernan
Shafer, George Milton 1847-1910 Donna Shafer Morgan
Sheppard, Jesse Thomas abt. 1911-1990 Gina Heffernan
Shugart, Stokley S. abt. 1818-abt. 1878 Lou Shugart Ryan
Shugart, Stokley S. (2) abt. 1818-abt. 1878 Lou Shugart Ryan
Shuler, Wad Pressley 1850-1913 Mabel Hidalgo
Stevens/Stephens, Andrew 1829-1874 Dalina Stevens
Stevens, Robert Wiley 1861-1942 Dalina Stevens
Stevens, Rufus King 1858-? Dalina Stevens
Stevens, Silas R 1827-1865 Michele H. Mills
Stevens/Stephens, Thomas 1795/1805-1847/1849 Dalina Stevens
Teaff, Jesse Lemuel 1848-1889 Lou Shugart Ryan
Thomson/Thompson, John W. 1823-???? Faye Blacklock
Thomson, Samuel Douglas 1848-1918 Faye Blacklock
Tucker, William M. 1827-???? Gina Heffernan
Vogelsang, Frederick "Fritz" 1842-1925 Clarissa Vogelsang-Loyd
Walker, Madison "Matt" 1852-1926 James David Walker
Walston, Edward R 1873-1936 Rebecca Walston Forbes
Walston, Josiah W "Joe" 1839-1887 Rebecca Walston Forbes
Whitfield, Benjamin Franklin abt 1824-abt 1882 Lindsey Thompson
Wilkerson, Commodore Perry 1845-1890 Theresa Minor
Wilkerson, Willie Leroy "Leo" 1887-1950 Theresa Minor
Williams, Berrien 1801-1879 Connie Seelke
Williams, Robert Thomas 1831-1908 Connie Seelke
Williams, Thomas 1735-1826 Connie Seelke
Wills, George alexander 1841-1922 Gina Heffernan
Wills, James Buchanan 1802-1874 Gina Heffernan
Wills, James Wilson abt. 1828-1870 Gina Heffernan
Winston, Anthony Augustus 1845-1868 Lynn McKerral
Winston, John Lewis 1813-1878 Lynn McKerral
Winston, Thomas Allen (1) 1851-1916 Lynn McKerral
Winston, Thomas Allen (2) 1851-1916 Lynn McKerral
Woodward, Elbert Lee 1865-1940 Michele H. Mills
Zellner, Charles Arnold 1867-1950 Michele H. Mills
Zellner, Francis Edward 1812-1894 Michele H. Mills
Zellner, Francis Edward Alexander 1864-1934 Michele H. Mills
Zellner, Marion 1845-1916 Michele H. Mills

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