Milam County Genealogy Lists

Places in Milam County, Texas
These links take you to USGS Mapping, The Handbook of Texas, and various other web sites. If you know of a link for one of these locations, please tell me so I can add it.

Abbott Oil Field, oilfield
Ackerman Slough, stream
Ad Hall (historical), locale
Alcoa, pop place
Alcoa Dam, dam
Alcoa Lake, reservoir
Allday-Jones Cemetery, cemetery
Allen Creek, stream
Alligator Creek, stream
Anderson Branch, stream
Armstrong Cemetery, cemetery
Armstrong Lake, reservoir
Armstrong Lake Dam, dam
Aycock School, school
B and B Minnow Farm Dam, dam
B and B Minnow Farm Lake, reservoir
Bailey Hollow, valley
Baileyville, pop place
Barclay Ranch, locale
Batte Cemetery, cemetery
Beale Cemetery, cemetery
Bear Creek, stream
Beaver Branch, stream
Beaver Creek, stream
Bee Branch, stream
Belmena, pop place
Ben Arnold, pop place
Ben Milam School, school
Berry Branch, stream
Bethlehem, locale
Bethlehem School, school
Big Briary Creek, stream
Big Elm Creek, stream
Big Lump, locale
Bingham Cemetery, cemetery
Black, locale
Bowers, locale
Bozeman Cemetery, cemetery
Branchville, pop place
Briar Branch, stream
Briary, pop place
Browns Cemetery, cemetery
Brushy Creek, stream
Brushy Slough, stream
Bryant Station, locale
Bryant Station Bridge, bridge
Bryant Station Cemetery, cemetery
Buck Horn Branch, stream
Buckholts, pop place
Buer Branch, stream
Bullock Lake, reservoir
Bullock Lake Dam, dam
Burlington, pop place
Burlington Cemetery, cemetery
Burns Lake, reservoir
Burns Lake Dam, dam
Bushdale (historical), pop place
Bushdale Cemetery, cemetery
Button Prairie, locale
Caddo, locale
Caddo Cemetery, cemetery
Caldwell, locale (Burleson County)
Cameron, pop place
Cameron Municipal Airpark, airport
Cannonsnap Creek, stream
Carolina, locale
Cattail Creek, stream
Cedar Creek, stream
Cedar Park, park
Church of God and Christ, church
City Lake Number Two, reservoir
Clarkson, pop place
Clarkson Church, church
Clays Creek, stream
Cobb Lake, reservoir
Cobb Lake Dam, dam
Conoley, pop place
Coopers Hollow, valley
Copperas Branch, stream
Coppers Branch, stream
Corinth, locale
Corinth Cemetery, cemetery
Cottonwood Creek, stream
Cottonwood Creek, stream
Cow Creek, stream
Cox Hollow, valley
Coxes Providence Church, church
Coxes Providence Comm Cemetery, cemetery
Crossroads, pop place
Crossroads Church, church
Cummins Crossing, pop place
Cutoff Slough, gut
Davidson Creek, stream
Davilla, pop place
Davilla Cemetery, cemetery
Denton Hollow, valley
Detmold, pop place
Dockery Cemetery, cemetery
Dollar Creek, stream
Donahoe Creek, stream
Dripping Springs, spring
Dry Brushy Creek, stream
Dry Hollow, valley
Dry Hollow, valley
Dry Sandy Creek, stream
Dunn Branch, stream
East Yegua Creek, stream
Eland Rough, summit
Elevation, pop place
Ellett Camp and Glaser Lake, reservoir
Ellett Camp and Glaser Lake Dam, dam
Ellison Lake, reservoir
Ellison Lake Dam, dam
Ellison Ridge, locale
Elm Creek Farm Dam Number 1, dam
Elm Creek Farm Lake Number 1, reservoir
Elm Grove Cemetery, cemetery
Elm Ridge, locale
Elm Ridge School, school
Fair Park Racetrack, locale
Fairview, locale
Felton Cemetery, cemetery
Ferguson Branch, stream
Forest Grove Cemetery, cemetery
Forest Grove Church, church
Foster Branch, stream
Foster Cemetery, cemetery
Friendship, pop place
Friendship Church, church
Gause, pop place
Gay Hill, locale
Gibson Lake, reservoir
Gibson Lake Dam, dam
Glaser Field, airport
Glaser Lake Number 1, reservoir
Glaser Lake Number 1 Dam, dam
Glaser Lake Number 2, reservoir
Glaser Lake Number 2 Dam, dam
Green Lake, lake
Green Lake, reservoir
Green Lake Dam, dam
Griffin Cemetery, cemetery
Griffin Church, church
H H Coffield Regional Airport, airport
Hall Cemetery, cemetery
Hall Hollow, valley
Hall School, school
Ham Branch, stream
Hamilton Chapel, locale
Hamilton Cemetery, cemetery
Hammond Branch, stream
Hanke Lake, lake
Hanover, pop place
Harl Creek, stream
Harlin Chapel Cemetery, cemetery
Harlin Chapel Church, church
Harmony, locale
Harmony Cemetery, cemetery
Harpers Branch, stream
Harrell Cemetery, cemetery
Hart Mountain, summit
Hauk Lake, reservoir
Hauk Lake Dam, dam
Henmison School, school
Hickory Grove, pop place
Hickory Grove Cemetery, cemetery
Hlavacek Lake, reservoir
Hlavacek Lake Dam, dam
Hobson Cemetery, cemetery
Hobson Lake, swamp
Hog Creek, stream
Hog Creek, stream
Holliman Cemetery, cemetery
Holtzclaw Bridge, bridge
Hope Cemetery, cemetery
Hopewell Church, church
Houston-Oklahoma Oil Field, oilfield
Hoyte, pop place
Hoyte Church, church
Hoyte Church, church
Hudson Lake, reservoir
Hudson Lake Dam, dam
Hurt Cemetery, cemetery
Indian Hollow, valley
Isbell Ranch Airport, airport
Jackson Lake, lake
Jakes Spring, spring
Jess Hood Creek, stream
Jones Creek, stream
Jones Prairie, pop place
KCRM-FM (Cameron), tower
KCRM-FM (Cameron), tower
KJKS-FM (Cameron), tower
KMIL-AM (Cameron), tower
KRXT-FM (Rockdale), tower
Knight Lake, reservoir
Knight Lake Dam, dam
Lamkin Cemetery, cemetery
Langford Branch, stream
Lawson Cemetery, cemetery
Leachville, locale
Ledbetter Park, park
Lewis Cemetery, cemetery
Liberty, pop place
Liberty Hill, pop place
Liberty Hill Cemetery, cemetery
Lilac, locale
Lilac Church, church
Lin Luce Branch, stream
Lipan Creek, stream
Little Ham Branch, stream
Little River, stream
Little River Church, church
Little River Church, church
Little Rocky Cemetery, cemetery
Little Sandy Creek, stream
Live Oak, locale
Liveoak Church, church
Locklin Cemetery, cemetery
Long Cemetery, cemetery
Long Mountain, summit
M and M Minnow Farm, locale
Marak, pop place
Marjorie, pop place
Marlow, locale
Marlow School, school
Maysfield, pop place
Maysfield Creek, stream
Maysfield School, school
McCann Cemetery, cemetery
McCrary Lake, reservoir
McCrary Lake Dam, dam
McFall Branch, stream
McFarland Cemetery, cemetery
McLaughlin Creek, stream
Meadow Brook Church, church
Meco Ranch Lake, reservoir
Meco Ranch Lake Dam, dam
Milam County, civil
Milam Grove Cemetery, cemetery
Milam Grove Church, church
Milano, pop place
Mill Branch, stream
Minerva, pop place
Minerva Substation, locale
Minerva-Rockdale Oil Field, oilfield 2,
Minx Spring Branch, stream
Moore Branch, stream
Morning Star Church, church
Moss Cemetery, cemetery
Mount Tabor Church, church
Mount Zion Church, church
Mount Zion Church, church
Mumford Lake, lake
Murray Cemetery, cemetery
Mustang Creek, stream
Nance Cemetery, cemetery
Nashville-on-the-Brazos, locale
Neusch Lake Number 1, reservoir
Neusch Lake Number 1 Dam, dam
New Clarkson, pop place
New Hope Church, church
New Providence Church, church
New Salem, locale
Newton Lake, lake
Newton Lake Number 1, reservoir
Newton Lake Number 1 Dam, dam
Newton Lake Number 2, reservoir
Newton Lake Number 2 Dam, dam
Newton Lakes, reservoir
Newton Memorial Hospital, hospital
Nile, locale
Norman Valley Bridge, bridge
Norman Valley Cemetery, cemetery
North Elm, pop place
North Elm Creek, stream
Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, church
Oak Hill, locale
Oak Hill Cemetery, cemetery
Oaklawn Cemetery, cemetery
Oakville, locale
Old City Cemetery, cemetery
Old Providence Cemetery, cemetery
Old Providence Church, church
Old Salem Cemetery, cemetery
Owl Hollow, valley
Oxsheer-Smith Cemetery, cemetery
Pearson Cemetery, cemetery
Pebble Grove Cemetery, cemetery
Pecan Creek, stream
Pettibone, pop place
Philips Cemetery, cemetery
Piatka Cemetery, cemetery
Pigpen Branch, stream
Pin Oak, locale
Pin Oak Cemetery, cemetery
Pin Oak Creek, stream
Pleasant Grove Cemetery, cemetery
Pleasant Grove Church, church
Pleasant Hill, pop place
Pleasant Retreat Church, church
Polecat Creek, stream
Polecat Creek, stream
Pond Creek, stream
Port Sullivan, pop place
Port Sullivan Church, church
Praesel, pop place
Prospect, locale
Prospect Cemetery, cemetery
Quinif, pop place
Rancheria Grande, locale
Randle Lake, lake
Reece Creek, stream
Rice Cemetery, cemetery
Richards Cemetery, cemetery
Richards Hospital, hospital
Riddle Cemetery, cemetery
Robertson's Colony, locale
Rock Spring Branch, stream
Rockdale, pop place
Rockdale Branch, stream
Rocky Chapel, church
Rocky Creek, stream
Rogers Lake, reservoir
Saint Edwards Hospital, hospital
Saint John Church, church
Saint Johns Church, church
Saint Johns Church, church
Saint Michaels Cemetery, cemetery
Salem, pop place
Salty, pop place
Salty Creek, stream
San Andres, locale
San Andres Cemetery, cemetery
San Antonio Cemetery, cemetery
San Francisco Xavier de Horcasitas, church 2,
San Gabriel, pop place
San Gabriel River, stream
San Ildefonso, church
San Jose Cemetery, cemetery
Sand Grove, locale
Sand Grove Church, church
Sand Point Cemetery, cemetery
Sanders Branch, stream
Sanders Cemetery, cemetery
Sandow, pop place
Sandy Creek, stream
Sandy Creek, stream
Sandy Creek, locale
Sandy Creek Church, church
Sanpier Hollow, valley
Schoolhouse Branch, stream
Server Cemetery, cemetery
Sharp, pop place
Silver City, pop place
Sipe Springs, locale
Site Number Twentyfour, reservoir
Sixmile, locale
Sixmile Creek, stream
Slaughter Branch, stream
Smith Branch, stream
Smith Ranch, locale
Smyrna, locale
Smyrna Cemetery, cemetery
Sneed Chapel, locale
Soil Cons Service Site 10 Dam, dam
Soil Cons Service Site 10 Res, reservoir
Soil Cons Service Site 24 Dam, dam
Soil Cons Service Site 24 Res, reservoir
Soil Cons Service Site 9 Dam, dam
Soil Cons Service Site 9 Res, reservoir
Sour Branch, stream
South Elm, pop place
South Elm Creek, stream
Splawn, pop place
Springfield Church, church
Stephen Chapel, church
Stigall Lake Number 2, reservoir
Stigall Lake Number 2 Dam, dam
Stigall Lake Number One, reservoir
Stigall Lake Number Two, reservoir
Stoneham Cemetery, cemetery
Story Cemetery, cemetery
String Prairie Branch, stream
String Prairie Church, church
Sugarloaf Mountain, summit
Summit, locale
Swanzy Branch, stream
Sweet Home Church, church
Sypert Branch, stream
Talbot Ridge, locale
Taylor Branch, stream
Taylor Mountain, summit
Terry Branch, stream
Texas No Name Number 50 Dam, dam
Texas No Name Number 50 Lake, reservoir
The Crossroads, pop place
Thomas Estate Lake, reservoir
Thomas Estate Lake Dam, dam
Thomas High School, school
Thorndale, pop place
Thorndale Cemetery, cemetery
Threemile Creek, stream
Tidwell School, school
Tomascik Lake, reservoir
Tomascik Lake Dam, dam
Tracy, pop place
Turkey Creek, stream
Turnham McCowan Cemetery, cemetery
Two Mile, locale
Tyson Creek, stream
Union Ridge Church, church
Urban Cemetery, cemetery
Val Verde, pop place
Val Verde Church, church
Vogelsang Cemetery, cemetery
Voss Lake, reservoir
Voss Lake Dam, dam
Walkers Creek, stream
Walkers Creek School, school
Watson Branch, locale
Webb Branch, stream
Whiskey Hollow, valley
White Oak Ridge Church, church
Wilson Hill, summit
Winston Cemetery, cemetery
Wire Bridge, bridge
Wokaty, locale
Wolf Branch, stream
Wolf Spring Slough, stream
Yarrelton, pop place
Yellow Bluff, cliff
Yellow Rabbit Branch, stream
Yeo High School, school
Young Lake, reservoir
Young Lake Dam, dam
Zalmanek Lake, reservoir
Zalmanek Lake Dam, dam

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