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    I've been trying to learn some artistic talent but, apparently, it's something you're born with. "If ya ain't got it, ya ain't never gonna have it." When I want to create something, I have to spend days (or weeks) creating it. Since my other interest (besides dogs) is in computers, I'd really love to have one of those hi-tech looking sites but I just don't have the visualization necessary to dream up something and then create it. My mom is one of those people who can coordinate anything but I guess I'm more like my dad whose home is filled with unpainted and unadorned wooden shelves.

    Several years ago, my husband wanted some Celtic knotwork for his web site so I traversed the 'Net looking for something to use. I hate stealing graphics but I just couldn't draw well enough to create what he wanted. In my surfing, I came across a nice, unassuming web site that included instructions on how to draw Celtic knots using a little bit of algebra and some graph paper. Since graph paper was in abundance in my desk, I tried it out. It worked! I made a beautiful knot. But scanning the knot and putting it on the site didn't work so I created my Celtic Knot Kits.

    The reason graph paper is so abundant in my desk is that mechanical drawing always fascinated me. I was not allowed to take the class in high school (I'm a GIRRRLLL) but my boyfriend did and I did all his homework. Now that I have a computer, I have three "home design" programs to play with. I lost two hard drives within two months last year so all my originals are gone but I have begun again, recreating my original "dreamhome", the home I want to build on my lot, and some small homes and guest quarters, too.

    Another web site that was available several years ago was Moyra's Web Jewels. This lady created some of the most stunning web page decorations - ever. That site is no longer being displayed and there was a MUSEUM page for her work but it's gone too. Yes, it's that good. I spent many hours trying to emulate these jewels but I only started getting the hang of it recently. My efforts are still clunky and clumsy. If you Google 'Moyra's Web Jewels' you may still find a few of them around.

    I have also started working on Hi-Tech graphics though I'll never be able to put enough of them together to build a complete page. I did have a couple of my own designs (not the results of a tutorial) come out decently.