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There are a few of these out there also. These are sites which are dedicated to posting messages or questions from users about surnames or individuals. Most are set up with different directories for each surname. Sometimes a surname is thought to be the corrupted form of another name and these are usually posted in the same place. However, it is a good idea to check for other spellings. My trouble names are O'Neal and Shepherd (O'Neil, O'Neill, O'Neale, Shepheard, Shepard, Sheppard). It has not been that long since most of the US population could not spell their own names. Therefore they signed documents with an X and had witnesses to verify that they were who they said they were. The officials who drew up the documents had to guess as to the spellings of the names. When you consider that many of the officials could not spell well, or that the signers had heavy foreign accents, you can understand that names were not always spelled the way you have come to know them. My Shepherds have three different spellings in one cemetery!

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