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My great grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Armstrong, son of Elijah and Sarah Mahurin.

Children of Benjamin Franklin Armstrong and Effie May Disney. I'm not positive but I believe they are: (Back L-R) Ruben, Oscar Cook (from Effie's first marriage), John Davis and wife Minnie holding either Opel or Ava Davis, and Bell. (Front L-R) Laura, Margie, Ben, Effie holding Bird (Beatrice), Rachel and Lawrence. Opel was born in 1910, Bird in 1911 and Ava in 1912. Opel died in infancy and I believe this to be her and the picture would have been taken about summer of 1912 just before Ava was born in June. It's also possible that I have Laura and Rachel backwards.

I just know that Aunt Bird is the woman and I believe the man standing on the left is my grandfather Ruben.

Dawson George, son of Laura Armstrong and Benjamin George; Mary Gannon Armstrong, wife of Lawrence (twin to Laura); and Buddy (Keith Henderson). Laura, Lawrence, and Buddy are children of Ben and Effie.

Aunt Margie (Dora Minerva), Uncle Buddy, and 2 unknowns; daughter and son of Ben and Effie.

This is Elija Armstrong and wife. Elija is Benjamin's father. I believe the woman is his 4th wife, Nancy McQuistion.

A vey young (about 16) George A, son of Ruben and Neeley.

One is Irene as a young girl, one a little older, the other is with Dell. Irene is the daughter of Ruben Armstrong and Neeley Mills, granddaughter of Ben and Effie.

Robert, Tooter, Nettie Mae; three eldest of Ruben and Neeley.

Little Pete, Mike Canatella, son of Joe Canatella and Nettie Mae Armstrong.

one is either Joe Dale or Mike, the other is Nettie Mae and Irene. Daughters of Ruben and Neeley and son of Nettie Mae.

Uncle Pete, Ira Franklin Armstrong, son of Ruben and Neeley.

Oscar Cook, son of Effie May and 1st husband; holding Pete, youngest son of Ruben and Neeley.

I think that's June, but might be Mattie; Elzie D Armstrong, son of Ruben and Neeley.

I have a whole slew of these taken at the old Armstrong house. I'm not sure who the people are, if anyone knows please tell me.

Walter Kelly, husband to Rachel Armstrong, daughter of Ben and Effie.

Ruben Armstrong, son of Ben and Effie, my grandfather. One is the only picture I have of the whole family. Seated are Neely and Ruben. Standing L-R are "Pete" (Ira), George, Perkin, Irene, Nettie Mae, "Tooter" (Elzie), Robert. It had to have been taken before Grandpa's death in 1969, but not not much before.  The other must be shortly after he was "blown up" in his house. He had a gas leak which ignited. He was burned, but otherwise unharmed because he blown out of the house by the force of the explosion.


My g-g-grandfather James Harrison Disney, son of Elias Disney and Talitha Lovely. Now I know where my father got his eyes. I also have a picture of his wife Hanna and a couple of his children.

Elizabeth Hanna Martin, daughter of Philip Martin and Clarissa Acord, wife of James Disney. This picture was probably made in the mid-30s just before she died in 1938.


Pryor Fonval Holder, son of William Holder and Mary Black was my g-g-grandfather. This was a real treat for me since we don't have many pictures of the older folks in our family. Pryor was born in 1859 somewhere in Texas. He married Ellen Black and had only three children before Ellen moved to San Antonio. Pryor raised his children alone.

My grandmother and some of her siblings - grandchildren of the man in the previous picture. L-R, seated are Nona Joyce, Wilburn Saul, Ima Jean. L-R standing are Pryor Fonval, Donald Lee, Dennis Lloyd, Willie Albert. Mamaw is the oldest and Lee is the youngest. Lee is actually younger than my mother. They lost one brother in 1957 - Emmitt Samuel - Uncle Chick.


Jack's 4th great grandfather, William Pepperell Mellen. He lived in Natchez, Mississippi, and fled to Texas during the Civil War. He was caught by the Northern Army and imprisoned in Arkansas where he died about 1864.

Jack's great grandaunt Leona "Nonie" Mellen in her dancing days. I don't know if you can read it but the line says "BRUNO HOLLYWOOD".

William Henry "the Colonel" Mellen (grandson of William Pepperell, son of Granville who was killed during the Battle of the Seven Pines in 1862) and his wife Mary Elisee "Lizzie" Mouton. She is a daughter of Jean J Mouton and Marie E Baraud and a grandneice of Alexandre Mouton, Governor of Louisiana from 1843-1845.

These folks are the children of William and Lizzie Mellen and their spouses. Front row are (L-R) Leonide Mulder (wife of Grenville), Angie Fagan (wife of Myrl), Nonie (Leona), Dotsie (Doris Fox, wife of Roy), Beebee (Marie), and Beth (Elizabeth). The men are Grenville, Myrl, Bobby, Roy, Grafton Carr (husband of Marie), and Ernest Fivel (husband of Elizabeth).

These women are Elizabeth Mellen Fivel, Lizzie Mouton Mellen and Marie Mellen Carr. The baby is probably Elizabeth Fivel Castenson.


Thes are my maternal grandparents. Wiley William Senn is the son of Frederick Doyle Senn and Emma Beatrice Wills. Ima Jean Holder is the daughter of William Albert Holder and Nettie Shepherd.


These are my maternal 2nd great grandparents, Davidson Samuel "Dave" Shepheard and Texanna Tucker. The other woman is their daughter Eula May who never married. They are also the parents of Nettie Shepheard. Dave was born in 1854 - supposedly in Columbia Co, Arkansas and maybe with a different name. Texanna was born in 1866 in Texas, daughter of William Tucker and Ruthie Joines.


Jack's g-g-grandparents. John Sparks was born in Texas before it won it's independence from Mexico. He is the son of Willoughby Sparks and Mary Boatwright. Rebecca is the daughter of Andrew Brown and Mary Smith of Louisiana.

Rebecca Sparks and some of her children Johnny, Noma and Lula. I am not sure who the other person is, possibly a granddaughter.

It turns out that this is not Frank and Clarinda. We don't know who they are but they have to be related because Jack's cousin is the spittin image of the man.

I am not sure I know who all these folks are but Jack tried to help and this is what we got. Hiding in the back are "Curly" on the left and Frank Jr. on the right. The front row (L-R) are Joyce, James?, Patsy, Clarinda, Milton "Peewee", possibly Lois, and Margie. Wilbourn is missing.


I think this is my 3rd great grandmother, mother of Texanna Tucker. She was born Rachel Anna "Ruthie" Joines in Georgia in 1834 and married William M Tucker in 1863. Ruthie is the sister of Albert Augustus Joines. It is possible that it is someone else but it was in a frame with the Shepherds and Ruthie lived with them.


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