Genealogy Software

There is a large amount of software on the market for recording genealogy. There is usually a format to set up your own chart in Microsoft Works and in the Visio and Lotus packages. These are simple database builders and you are hard pressed to share your file with anyone. Other popular database builders are

Family Tree Maker
Ancestral Quest
Ultimate Family Tree
Personal Ancestral File
There is a list of Software and some reviews at Genealogy Software Reviews

I know nothing of any of these programs other than Family Tree Maker. I saw it first, bought it, and have stayed with it. I use Legacy, too, but only to create text-based family group sheets. It's easy to use and the free version is great. I have not tried the paid version.

If you want to share your information online, you will need other software. Different genealogy sites require different formats, but the most common (and easiest to navigate) are the sites which use gedcom based files. Most of the more popular programs will have an export utility which will produce a gedcom file (.GED) (see your help files). If you want to convert your gedcom file to HTML, you can simply make a separate web page for each relative (what if you have 2000 of them?), or you can use a "gedcom to HTML" converter. There are many of these programs out on the 'Net and many of them are freeware or shareware. If you choose to use one of these programs, please register it and pay the small fee usually associated with it - that's how these guys get paid for making inexpensive software.



Sparrowhawk - for Macs

HTMLGenie (this page is in German)

I use the first one. It works fine, takes up almost no space and I can specify some of the text that shows up on every page.