I have no proof for most of this tree.

My genealogy table is a combination of

  • what I believe to be true from speaking with relatives,
  • the Armstrong line developed by my cousin, Hal,
  • the Brazzil line developed by the Brazzil family,
  • the Heffernan line developed by a New Jersey branch,
  • and a lot of Internet searching.
I have one area of my tree which I have toiled over many nights. That's the CLACK/BOLLING connection. I have seen several sites on the 'Net which try to show Jane Bolling as a child of  Jane Rolfe, the granddaughter of John Rolfe and Pocahontas. This is false information. Historians agree that Jane Rolfe was an only child, born early in the marriage, and that her mother died shortly after she was born. It is possible that Jane Bolling is closely related to John Bolling, but she is not his sister. I prefer using Jane Macklin in her place.

Although I wish my tree to be accuarate, mistakes DO happen, and assumptions CAN be incorrect. If you wish to add part of my collection to your own tree, do so with the knowlege that I have NOT proven it. It is important to have documents in hand for a project of this type. While I am amassing these documents at a rapid rate, there are holes yet to be filled. Texas belonged to Mexico until 1836. There was no reliable Census here before 1850. My "great great grandparent" information has been taken from interviews with several very elderly people. It is possible that the dates are inaccuarate. Where I could not make these dates work, I either left them blank or used the designations "ABT" or "CIRCA". My grandmother insists that her Holder and Shepheard families were here "before [the battle of] the Alamo".

My sources:

Armstrong family members:
    Specificly, my dad and two uncles. They are 70, 72, and 81 years of age are absolutely wonderful to talk to, but they are men - and dates are just not that important to them.

My Mamaw Senn:
    She is 86 years old and has a fantastic memory. If any of you have neglected speaking to elderly relatives, you are doing yourself an injustice.

Aunt Rene
    I have one more relative to interview. She is my husband's grandaunt and is 94 years old. I am looking forward to speaking with her soon.

Cousin Hal
    A very well developed Family Tree Maker file. He has documentation for much of it, but I do not.

A handwritten tree by the Brazzil family
    The tree has no signature and I do not know who prepared it. I will gladly give credit for it if the person contacts me.

Another unsigned handwritten tree by the Heffernan family of New Jersey

I have searched other family trees on the Internet and state USGenWeb sites.