April 15, 2006
   Dad and I got up early this morning and drove over to Arkansas to get Jourie. He's 10 weeks old and a little darker than Sassy. He's an adorable puppy, still unsteady on those big feet and he loves everyone. Jourie lost his mama last month so he's had a lot of people loving him.
April 23, 2006
I promised Jonette I would keep this site updated with pictures but Dad had his knee replaced on the 17th so I have been pretty busy. I took pictures and I finally have time to get them posted. Jack's father was known to everyone as JJ and Jack is a junior so Jourie has become either JJ "tree" or Purple J. (They wrote on him with a purple marker when I was visiting so I would know which puppy was mine; I love purple.) He was a bit scared of the swimming pool (an old garden bathtub) at first but learned to use the seat for a step. He fell in the first time but I was running too fast to take a picture. The water isn't as dirty (or as deep) as it looks. We have red clay here and keeping it out of the swimming pool is impossible. He does love "his" toys which he brought with him and doesn't like Willie or Sassy stealing them. (Sassy is a toy monger, she carries them all out into the yard and lays on them.)
May 3, 2006 J goes to work with me every day and, although he doesn't like riding, he is good at his job. He greets everyone and everyone loves him. He learned to use the dog door this week. I had to make sure he could go up and down the steps before I showed him the secret. He has only had one accident in the house since then and I told him that it was not acceptable. I think he actually understood me. J is a whiner. If he is awake, he is whining. It makes it difficult to know when he really needs something. He has learned that "Ank" means no and that is a blessing in itself. Raising two at once is much more difficult than only one, especially with four dogs in the house. Now I have to think about who has done something. For instance, three of our overstuffed chairs have had their armrests redecorated. I didn't know who did it until the one in the living room lost its stuffing. J didn't have access to the living room, Sassy! Both puppies like to sit in the chairs. Why sit on a hard floor when there are so many unused chairs? Sassy has claimed the one that I used to use. It's in the main flow and I pet her every time I walk by. J likes the one by the window so he can see outside. On Monday, J weighed 38 pounds! He is 13 weeks old today, Sassy weighed 36 pounds at 14 weeks but then started gaining rapidly. I think the move was more traumatic for her than him.


Learning about the couch - 10 weeks Let me go! Learning about Willow holes
How do I get to the water? Oh yeah, I can do this! Stealing Willow's ball!
What a pretty boy! Jourie at work He's a good Greeter!
His REAL job is to have fun... ...and take lots of naps!  
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