Rainbow-hued sweetgum leaf Sweetgum
When Dad was a kid, he would hammer a nail into a sweetgum tree and collect the sap to chew. If he wanted bubblegum, he would hunt up some stretchberries and chew those with the sweetgum sap!

Mountain Mist Sassy Sweetgum
17 Dec 2005 - 13 Feb 2015

February 28, 2006
I picked up our grandpuppy on Saturday. She's adorable! We're calling her Sassy at the moment but we haven't picked a name yet. We've thought of Siobhan (Shavawn), Ban Maighdean (white maiden), Acorn and Sassy Sweetgum.

Sassy is Oak's daughter - she did NOT get his nose [well, she acquired it in later years]. This is the first time I have ever intentionally bred a dog and it was quite a difficult choice when faced with 5 little Oaks all begging to be taken home. I don't know how people can do it.

In any case, she is home with us and trying bravely to adjust to life without a snuggling pile of sisters. She is as big as my brother's 4 month old boxer but she doesn't have the governors in place to keep her from hurting him or Willow. Willow only weighs about 12 pounds and she can literally toss him across the room. (We hope it doesn't happen again.) Unfortunately, dachshunds are bred for valor and he keeps going back for more. She was born on December 17 which makes her 10 weeks, 2 days in these pictures.

This is the DOGS' couch - not ours.

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