March 26, 2006
On Friday, Sassy weighed 36-1/2 pounds. She is now 14 weeks old so she is gaining about 2-1/2 pounds per week. She and Mac the 5 month old boxer have been best buds but she has rapidly outgrown him and now I have to watch them when they play. Mac is a good puppy but he has a quick temper and Sassy still plays rough.

On April 13, Sassy weighed 45 pounds at the age of 16 weeks.

April 15
On Saturday, we brought home a new puppy. His name is Tour Les Jours and we call him Jourie or J. Mac has gone to his own home so Sassy and J are learning to be best buds. Notice in the "butt" picture below that Sassy is already trying to get him to go through the hole under the fence that our local armadillo keeps providing. The size difference is amazing. There is a 6 week age difference between the two and when J came home, Sassy was twice his weight. J has his own page.

May 3, 2006
Sassy is almost a "preteen" and it shows. She is more independent and doesn't climb into my lap as often. She has quit sleeping on the bed, too. I must say it hurts my feelings, I enjoyed snuggling with her. She now weighs 57 pounds and can still walk under her daddy, even though it isn't as easy as it used to be. She is still a lot bigger than J but he is tougher. He can put her on the ground quite easily when they are playing. So far, they have not gotten angry with each other.

She is staring to realize that she can't get under the couch any more and that frustrates her since Willie hides there when he is tired of babysitting. She also has trouble getting into her chair. She has learned patience when waiting for her munchy bone, even when J tries to take it out of her mouth. She enjoys the water as much as her daddy but having two dripping dogs in the house is not as "ignorable" as one.

She is still a very pretty girl when she is combed but she doesn't like girly things any more. Barrettes and sequined collars are not her thing. Who needs cute shirts? Going topless is much easier! She is still my babydoll, though, and when it gets to be about 10 o'clock and everyone is settling in for the night, she climbs into my lap for a good cuddle.

Tonight is her third obedience lesson. We have not practiced much this week, please don't tell Rachel. We did spend Friday and Saturday visiting everyone we could think of who might want to pet her, and on Monday we went to the doctor for the last puppy visit; she wagged her tail at the tech and didn't shy away from the doctor. She will never be as popular as J but she is working on it.

Sleeping on the couch Mac waking up Sassy Mac killing Sassy
Their favorite way to fight Dad says That's enough! Behaving herself with Dad - 14 weeks
Sleeping on Willow - 16 weeks Relaxing under the trees - 17 weeks Digging a hole
Showing the hole under the fence to JJ Growing up too fast! Blank
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