January 2007
J did well at his first show and I am sorry I did not enter Sassy. The girls had a major on Saturday but not on Sunday. J got WD on Saturday for 2 points but the BOW eluded us. He was quite handsome once I got all the excess hair off his face. I did leave the baby fuzz on top of his head to remind everyone that he is still young and has a long way to go.

Sassy missed us so much that she let my brother pet her on Saturday night, he was thrilled. He and Mac stayed with Willow and Sassy for the weekend so Jack could go to the show. She was ecstatic when we got home on Sunday afternoon. We don't have any pictures today due to technical difficulties but I'll try to get some posted next weekend.

Sassy's looks have changed a great deal from the first time I saw her. Her tail is a skinny little fish hook and one front foot wants to point out. But she has the most beautiful little ears that lay against her neck most of the time. Her face is broader than J's and her eyes reek of intelligence. Her nose stays dirty from digging and she is not the most lady-like little girl I've met. She is bossy to Will who is now top dog and thinks nothing of flinging him off the porch. Will will have his heart broken when the pups grow up and he is no longer our pack leader.

April 2007
Sassy finally had her first heat and had to go back to the hospital to be boarded. She was there for 11 days and we all missed her terribly. They asked us not to visit because the dog feels abandoned. I don't like that part. She is 16 months old.

May 2007
My son and his family have moved in temporarily. They brought a Pekingese, an adult pit bull and 5 iddy biddy orphan pit bulls. Sassy doesn't like puppies but J adores them.

November 2007
Our Sweetgum girl is now 23 months old and is going through her 2nd heat so will be going back to the kennel. I'm trying to decide if I should risk spaying her. She's as sweet as her name to us but strangers still are not her cup of tea. I have two ends of the spectrum on advice. About half the folks say that Sassy's attitude will not be transferred to the pups and the other half say it will. I want nice pups who love everyone. Out of four hounds, I have had two each, although Oak was more "stand-offish" than frightened. Too, Sassy is a brain compared to the other three. She understands things faster, figures things out on her own and just doesn't do dumb things like the boys. But maybe girl dogs are like girl girls. I wouldn't mind that brain power in a litter. She is a pretty girl, just not beautiful like Oak or J. We still have a year to go before we decide.

September 2013
Many things have happened to our pack since I last wrote. We lost JJ the first of March and Willow a few days ago. We have added four people and a dog to our household and life has become chaotic. Sassy is missing J and has become my shadow. I never gave a thought to Willow (15 pounds) following me around the house. Having Sassy (115 pounds) try to fit into the bathroom is another story altogether. Our computer room has become a bedroom for granddaughters and our breakfast room is now home to three computer stations, a game table and a brooding box for baby chicks. Sassy has her blanket behind my chair and is there for most of the hours that I am here.

She is a love for Jack and I and even the girls. She has accepted my daughter-in-law but is still somewhat leery of my son. Her fear of strangers is still great - except at the doc's office. She loves everyone there - a bit opposite of most dogs.

Age has not thrown anything harsh at her yet. She has had trouble with warts on one lower eyelid but is mostly sound. She has learned that if she ignores her kibble for a few days, she will get good things put on it. The first time she did that, she dropped almost 15 pounds before I wimped out. Now I give in more easily and she gets gravies and canned food most days.

Dec 2014
Sassy has cancer and I'm facing euthanizing still another dog. She's comfortable most days but I can tell that she knows she's dying. She will be nine years old in a few days - the longest I've managed to keep a wolfhound. I'm also facing the fact that she is probably my last wolfhound. I'm getting older and I just don't think I can handle another 100 pound puppy.

February 2015
Today is the day that I have to let Sassy go. My girl is still a trooper, still a lap dog and still occupying most of my heart. This is third wolfhound I've lost to cancer and none the same type of cancer. I just don't know if I'm strong enough to try again. I wish they could live a little longer.


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