November 2006
We lost Oak this month and things have changed a great deal. Patches and Fred went back to their own home and Hans and Gretchen have new homes. It's very hard to lose everyone within a few weeks of each other. We're down to just Sassy, J and Will. The food bill has dropped and I have a lot more time for other things but I miss them - especially Oak who was diagnosed with Ostesarcoma in August.

May 2007
We have new folks and dogs in the house. My son, his wife, her mother, and my two granddaughters have come to stay with us. Between the five of them, they have seven dogs.
I've set up a special page for the other dogs I mention here so that my readers can get to know them.

November 2007
Will loves Rosita (Rosie Posie the pit bull) and she is quite fond of him. He plays and has a great time with Boomer (Boom Boom the Patterdale) and Squishy (whose real name might be offensive to some). He also plays with Strawberry (Shortcake) who stays outside except for cold nights (she won't go into her dog house at all.)
Strawberry, Tinkerbell, Cantoo and Squishy LOVE Jourie and Sassy and exert a lot of effort towards tormenting - I mean showing their affection. Being an overprotective mom, I try to keep Will away from Tink and Cantoo. They're quite boisterous adolescents and Tink has the startle factor added in. Willie doesn't have the patience with them that he had when they were babies and I don't want his discipline efforts to become his downfall. I should say that Mac the boxer loves all the pit bulls.
Our extra family and pack members will be leaving us this month. They have found a new home. It will be much quieter without them, although the dogs are generally quiet. Something (someone) has been prowling the back of the property and my neighbors' dog was shot with an arrow a few days ago. (We do live next to a hunting camp.) Annabel is okay but she was very lucky that the arrow didn't hit anything vital. It really scared me so we've been more watchful and moved the little dogs to the front yard. We're trying to get a fence put up but they are on cables at the moment. I hate that but I'd rather have them alive on cables than dead in the back yard. We should have the fence finished in another day or two.
I got a good picture of Will yesterday. He usually has his nose in the dirt but he was watching the girls run. I wish I had been sitting down but it's still a nice shot of him.