My Music Collection

I have enjoyed playing a 12 string guitar for 25 years. In the last five years I have added many other instruments to my collection.


My 12 string is an Alvarez and is still my favorite.
I also have an electric6 string, an acoustic 6 string, and a classical 6 string.


Among my other instruments, you will find:

A bodhran {bow-ran}(Irish percussion instrument) that I bought at the Renaissance Festival.
A Limerick lap harp that I built myself from plans I bought from Musicmakers.
A 78 string hammered dulcimerthat I built from a kit from Lark in the Morning.
A bagpipe for which I don't have the lung power that I bought from Lark.
A flute that I inherited from my neice, Erin, when she quit high school band.
A smalllapharpthat I bought for my wife.
A homemade PVC pipe saxophone.
A homemade PVC 6 hole flutethat plays rather nicely.
A recorder that I bought at a music shop.
Three bamboo flutes in variouskeys that I purchased from Eric the Flutemaker at Dickens on the Strand.
A set of Sasato whistles(one fipple and three bodies - A, C, D).
One oak pennywhistle purchased at Ren Fest.
Two Clarke pennywhistles, one a gift and one purchased from a music shop (keys C & D).
I recently sold a 58 string hammered dulcimer that I built from plans from MusicMakers.

I plan to add to my collection:

A 5 string banjo.
A mandolin.
Another harp.
Probably loads of whistles and flutes, I buy them quite often.
I'm a Jack of all instruments, master of none
(which is not bad for a guy who can't read music).